COVER_Page_01Fans of Maud Hart Lovelace and the Betsy-Tacy books will adore this delightful book written by Kathleen Baxter and published by Minnesota Heritage Publishing.

Kathleen explained, “52 years ago, I met a character from a book.  It was a fictitious book, but the characters in it were based on the friends and family of Mankato native Maud Hart Lovelace, who wrote the popular Betsy-Tacy books. The book character I met was Carney, one of Betsy’s best friends, such a good friend that Mrs. Lovelace wrote an entire book based on the high school and college years of her dear friend Marion Willard—Carney’s House Party.  As if meeting her was not enough, I met another important character and his wife—Jabez Lloyd aka Cab Edwards in the books, and his wife Grace, aka Jean.“

“I was not alone when I made a pilgrimage to Mankato (fictional Deep Valley).  I was with college friends who loved the books as much as I do, and it was a truly glorious moment in our lives.  People have been asking me to write this story for many years.  It’s a fun book, loaded with photographs, and reproductions of the letters that Mrs. Lovelace sent to me and letters that the people we met sent to her about our visit, and, astonishingly, reproductions of the letters I sent to her—which she kept all of her life and which her daughter mailed to me a few years after her death.  I’m from Walnut Grove originally, and, yes, of course I love Laura Ingalls Wilder, but not as much as I love Maud Hart Lovelace!”

About the Author: Kathleen Baxter was the head of children’s services at the Anoka County Library for 32 years, then worked for a Mankato publishing company, and has given talks in 46 states as well as 7 in Canada and 2 in Cancun.  She wrote a column in the School Library Journal, the library magazine with the highest circulation in the world, for over 17 years.  She also wrote seven books about children’s books published by Libraries Unlimited/Teacher Ideas Press.

My Betsy-Tacy Miracle: A Literary Pilgrimage to Deep Valley, released October 7, 2017 is available to order online.

What readers are saying about “My Betsy-Tacy Miracle

Received the book yesterday and could not put it down until I had finished the whole thing.         JoAnn K., Montana

I loved reading your story and I adored getting to see the original letters. What a gift to BT fans!           Jennifer D.K., Massachusetts

It was with great joy on a rainy evening I read Kathy Baxter’s wonderful new book, My Betsy-Tacy Miracle.   I had planned to read the first 2 chapters but devoured it.  Now I will go back and reread it at a slower pace.  What a treasure!     Ellen G., Wisconsin

What a wonderful adventure you and your friends had! And all those marvelous photos, and the letters – thank you, so very much, for sharing it all with us. You are a great writer and a gifted storyteller, and I will treasure your book.     Jan G., Oregon

My lovely signed copy of Kathy’s book arrived yesterday afternoon, and I devoured it immediately. Kathy’s writing, along with the letters and pictures, really made the “pilgrimage” come to life!    Peggy O., California

I really enjoyed reading about your adventures, as well as the pictures and the letters. How wonderful that you wrote to Maud and Marion! Not only did they answer you, but their other correspondence shows how much they enjoyed hearing from you.                          Krista B., California

Such a wonderful account of a delightful story! I especially loved how much it inspires to just follow one’s own interests and pursue them however obscure they may appear to other people.      Sonja W., Germany