Remembering Frances “Bick” Kenney and her Irish family (Tacy and the Kelly family) on St. Patrick’s Day.

March and St. Patrick’s Day brought the annual supper in the basement of the Catholic Church. Katie and Tacy with shamrocks on their shirt waists, green bows in their hair, waited on the Ray’s.  A quote from Heaven to Betsy. 

St. Pats card

She [Tacy] was a tall girl who wore her auburn hair in coronet braids. There was a peachy bloom on her cheeks; her Irish blue eyes looked both laughing and afraid. Tacy had been shy as a child and she was still diffident with teachers, some parents, most boys. But with Betsy and Tib she bubbled over with fun. A quote from Betsy Was a Junior 

Fun Fact: The Kenney family attended St. John the Baptist Catholic Church when they lived in Mankato. The annual tradition of the St. Patrick’s Day annual dinner in the basement of the church dates back to 1885 and continues to this day.