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“Find out what flowers she wants for her bouquet,” called Paige. 

“Anything, and forget-me-nots,” said Betsy.

“I’m never going to forget you, honey.”

“I just want to be sure.”

“Forget-me-nots,” said Paige, “may be hard to find at this season.”

“If Betsy wants them, I’ll find them,” Joe replied.

Betsy opened the box quickly, and he had found forget-me-nots! Blue and reassuring, they were scattered among pink roses above a shower of white satin ribbons.

Tacy went upstairs, and Betsy followed. She paused above the platform. Tib, Margaret, little Sally Day, and some girl cousins gathered expectantly below. Betsy took a forget-me-not out of her bouquet and tucked it into her dress. Then the bouquet sailed down, ribbons streaming, and Sally Day caught it and jumped up and down with joy.

Excerpts from Betsy’s Wedding by Maud Hart Lovelace

Maud Hart Lovelace (Betsy) has not been forgotten as is evidenced by the many fans who continue to buy her books, visit Deep Valley and the Betsy-Tacy houses and join the Betsy-Tacy Society and the Maud Hart Lovelace Society. Her books are timeless and loved by people of all ages.

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