Feb 1903 issue

“Betsy,” Tacy said, excitedly, yet earnestly, “your stories ought to be published. I’ve been thinking that for a long time although I never mentioned it before. They’re just as good as the stories in the Ladies Home Journal.” They put the pink stationary into an envelope and addressed it to the Ladies Home Journal, Independence Square, Philadelphia, Pa. Betsy found a stamp and stuck it on. Quote from Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown

The Ladies Home Journal, the oldest women’s-interest magazine in the U.S., ended its regular monthly publication this month. For the past 131 years Ladies’ Home Journal has served as a chronicler of American life in its glories and challenges, through world wars and cultural earthquakes, all through the lens of a woman’s ever-shifting experience and perspective.” Quote from the Ladies Home Journal website.

The Mankato Free Press, December 10, 1923 issue, reported:

Maud Hart Lovelace is Achieving Fame in New York City

“Former resident, Maud Hart Lovelace of New York, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.W. Hart of Minneapolis, who is visiting her parents at the present time, has proven herself a successful writer of fiction and has had three stories accepted by The Ladies Home Journal, three by The Delineator and one by Harpers, all which will be published in 1924. The price paid for these stories ran well up into the thousands of dollars. Mr. Lovelace is also a successful writer, having had several stories accepted during the past year and is now at work collecting material for a novel which will be published in 1924. Their many friends here will watch with interest the publication of these stories.”

Delos Lovelace’s short story, Wheat, was published in the July 1924 issue of The Ladies Home JournalThe Delineator magazine published Maud’s short story, Little White Lamb, in its June 1924 issue. This story is included in the book I edited and published in 2012, Collected Stories of Maud Hart Lovelace and Delos Lovelace. To date I have been unable to locate Maud’s three short stories that were published in the Ladies Home Journal in 1924. If any one has these and is willing to share, please let me know.

Volume 2 of Collected Stories of Maud Hart Lovelace and Delos Lovelace is due to be released in the fall of 2014. Details will be announced later this summer.