Maud 1897

“She was excited about the party, for she had never had one before. And she was to wear her first silk dress. It was checked tan and pink, with lace around the neck and sleeves. Her mother had promised to take her hair out of braids for the party. She had promised to dress it in curls.”

This photograph of Maud was taken on her 5th birthday on April 25, 1897. Even though the photo is black and white, we can imagine it in color from Maud’s description in Betsy-Tacy—checked tan and pink with lace around the neck and sleeves.

“The silk dress rustled beautifully over two starched petticoats which were buttoned to a muslin under-waist over woolen underwear. The legs of the underwear were folded tightly under her white party stockings and into the tops of her shoes.”

Can you remember the excitement as a little girl wearing your first special dress? Maud goes on to write: “When Betsy is happy,” her mother said, “she is happier than anyone else in the world.” Then she added, “And she is almost always happy.” Little Maud looks very happy in this picture.

Happy 122nd birthday Maud!

For more about Maud’s birthday, read the blog post “Commemorating the 121st Birthday of Maud Hart Lovelace” from April 25, 2013. Above quotes from Betsy-Tacy.