betsyhouse sign

When you come to Deep Valley and visit Betsy and Tacy’s houses, you are welcomed by two very unique signs created by David and Nancy Allan.

In 2006, the Allans, artists and owners of an art studio, suggested that the Betsy-Tacy Society (BTS) consider a collaborative effort whereby grant money and a contribution of their time could make these signs happen. Following the proposal of a number of ideas, the BTS board approved two designs, each incorporating a sculpted motif of Betsy and Tacy together.

As woodcarvers and sculptors, David and Nancy went about converting the two-dimensional computer drawings into a three-dimensional reality for each house. The result was two signs that are unique and individual, each thematically capturing a special moment of joy in Betsy’s and Tacy’s lives.

The sign for Betsy’s House uses an iconic image of the two girls coming out of a book; historically juxtaposed and running, literally, into reader’s lives. The Tacy’s House sign exhibits the two girls sitting on the fence enjoying each other’s company, sharing their hopes, dreams, experiences and joys.

Each sign is carved and sculpted from an architectural high-density urethane foam and reinforced with an aluminum backing and a steel frame. The lettering uses fonts that represent fonts used in the 1900s. Each sign was painted with colors appropriate to the period.

Since the signs were installed in 2008, they have become a favorite photo opportunity for visitors.

Carving sign

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Dave & Nancy