Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Gerlach (Mr. and Mrs. Muller) gave a fancy dress party for their daughter, Marjorie (Tib Muller), last evening from 7 to 10 o’clock. The girls and boys to the number of twenty-four represented the months of the year. Among the many pretty costumes worn was that of Ruth Williams (Alice Morrison), dressed as February in a Martha Washington gown; Marion Willard (Carney) as December; Maud Hart (Betsy Ray) as July; Violet Atchison as November dressed in chrysanthemums. Among the young gentlemen were Master Phil Ray as June; Rupert Andrews (Larry Humphreys) as July; Robert Hughes (Dave Hunt) as a pilgrim representing Thanksgiving; and Glen Humiston as George Washington. The rooms were prettily decorated for the occasion and nice refreshments were served. (Mankato Review, February 25, 1905)

Bright Ideas for EntertainingMarjorie’s (Tib) birthday is March 6. Perhaps this party was for her thirteenth birthday. The Months of the Year party idea may have come from the Bright Ideas for Entertaining by Mrs. Herbert B. Linscott (1905) described as follows: “It should be a small party, not over twenty-four guests…confine the list to twelve young gentlemen and twelve young ladies. The hostess requests each couple to dress so as to represent a particular month, which she assigns them…it will take some ingenuity to devise an effect that will mark a particular month. The first part of the time should be taken up in guessing the months. As fast as one month is decided upon, the one who impersonates it rises, makes his or her bow to the company, and recites at least four original lines pertaining to that month. The more ridiculous or witty the better they will be appreciated.”