1907 new year clover

The Crowd saw the old year out at Tacy’s. The rambling white house at the end of Hill Street was full of greens and Christmas cheer. The Crowd played games, and the refreshments­­—as always at the Kelly house—were superabundant. These were served about half past eleven, and the company was still eating when the bells and whistles of downtown Deep Valley sounded faintly. Everyone jumped and began to cry “Happy New Year!” Betsy and Tacy kissed each other.

Breaking away from the rest they ran out of doors. The winter stars were icily bright. Snow gleamed on the hills where for so many years, winter and summer, they had played together.

In the little yellow cottage which had once been the Ray house, lights were shining. It could almost have been home still. Betsy and Tacy could almost have been children again.

“I wish I still lived there,” said Betsy, hugging Tacy. “It’s such trouble to grow up.”

“I hope you have a very happy new year,” Tacy said.

(Excepts from Heaven to Betsy by Maud Hart Lovelace)

Heaven to Betsy begins in July 1906 and ends in June 1907. The Crowd was seeing out the old year of 1906 and ringing in the 1907 New Year.