Waiting for Santa

Waiting for Santa

“These children must get to bed sometime tonight. We have to give Santa Claus a chance,” said Mrs. Ray.

After Julia and Betsy and Margaret went upstairs, when the lamp had been blown out, they looked out the window. They saw the snowy roof of Tacy’s house, the snowy silent hill, the waiting stars.

“No Santa Claus yet,” they said.

But after they got into bed they began to hear him.

“Margaret! Don’t you hear something on the roof?”

“I think it’s reindeer. Don’t you, Betsy?”

“It can’t be yet. Papa and Mamma haven’t gone to bed.”

“Julia, he’s so fat and our chimney’s so small. How can he get down?”

“He gets down. It’s magic.”

Mrs. Ray called upstairs. “Children! Stop talking! Get some sleep! Remember tomorrow’s Christmas.”

Remember tomorrow’s Christmas! As though they could forget it!

(Excerpts from Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown by Maud Hart Lovelace)