OldDesignShop_WinschJoyousChristmasPCThere had been repeated falls of snow, and Deep Valley was bedded down in drifts. But bright sun and jingling sleighbells made the cold seem festive. Front Street masqueraded in evergreen and holly. The store windows were full of gifts, and the stores were full of merry harassed crowd and the smell of damp clothing.

The girls bought presents for their parents, for their brothers and sisters, and for other members of the Crowd. At last for old times’ sake, they bought the Christmas tree ornaments, each selecting just one after prolonged debate. As they paid their dimes, they were laughing at themselves, but Betsy admitted silently that she had never ceased to be thrilled by the sight of a Christmas tree ornament, so fragile, so glittery, so full of the promise of Christmas. (Excerpts from Betsy and Joe by Maud Hart Lovelace)