christmasbells2Of all the holidays in the year, Christmas is featured the most prominently—and the most lovingly—in Maud Hart Lovelace’s “Betsy-Tacy” books. In the spirit of the season, over the next 25 days I’ll be sharing holiday excerpts from the books, quotes from Maud and her daughter Merian. Enjoy the season!

The streets were crowded with sleighs and cutters. Chiming bells added to the Christmassy feeling in the air. Front Street was very Christmassy. Evergreen boughs and holly wreaths, red bells and mistletoe sprays surrounded displays of tempting merchandise in all the store windows. In one window a life-sized Santa Claus with a brimming pack on his back was halfway into a paper-mache chimney. (Quote from Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown by Maud Hart Lovelace)