B house

Maud Hart Lovelace’s childhood home (Betsy’s House), 333 Center Street in Mankato, MN.

Maud Hart Lovelace, a tall attractive, and wholly successful woman visited her former home last summer. Here, too, she found an active appreciation of her work. Fort Snelling troops gave a special celebration in her honor; every city welcomed her as its own, a customary gesture toward celebrities. Yet the little house, with its memories of parties, theatricals, and plans long past was of the greatest importance to her. An old house, it would seem, should be quite insignificant to one of great prominence, but Mrs. Lovelace has promised herself to come back and live there, some day. And Mankato may become an important stop to a busy conductor, may even reach a degree of literary if not geographical importance — some day. From an article written by Mary Conroy for The Teresan Censer, May 1933.

Today Maud Hart Lovelace is a literary star on a new map highlighting Minnesota authors: From Main Street to Your Street: Minnesota Writers on the Map. A new literary map was created by the Minnesota Historical Society and the Friends of the St. Paul Library to celebrate the Minnesota Book Awards’ 25th anniversary. The illustrated map features information about 112 Minnesota authors, including birthplaces, dates of births and deaths and book titles.  To download a copy of the map, visit http://www.thefriends.org/litmap.

Maud’s childhood home was designated a National Literary Landmark in 2010 and each year hundreds of people visit Mankato to see the little house that was so important to the author.  The prediction made in 1933 by Mary Conroy has indeed come true.