Bick Kenney

Frances “Bick” Kenney

“Tacy got to be ten first because her birthday came in January. They didn’t have many birthday parties at Tacy’s house. There were too many children in the family. Mrs. Kelly would have been giving birthday parties every month in the year, almost, if every child at the Kelly house had had a party every birthday. But when Tacy was ten, Betsy and Tib were invited to supper. There was a cake with candles on it.” From Betsy and Tacy Go Over the Big Hill

Maud strayed from the facts a bit when it came to the month of Tacy’s birthday in Betsy and Tacy Go Over the Big Hill. Bick was born July 13, 1891 in Minneapolis, MN. Bick (Tacy) did get to be ten first, but it wasn’t because her birthday was in January, it was actually because Bick was born a year before Maud.

I spent a lovely Saturday afternoon last weekend at Tacy’s house (332 Center Street in Mankato) celebrating Bick’s 122nd birthday hosted by the Betsy-Tacy Society.

Tacy and her sister Katie served punch and cupcakes and played “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” with the children.



BTS president Lona Falenczykowski led the tours of Betsy’s and Tacy’s houses.


Mrs. Benson and Tacy visit on Betsy’s house porch and helped children fill bottles of sand to take home.


New at Betsy’s house is the piano box. “Betsy and Tacy soon had places which belonged to them. The bench on the hill was the first one. The second one, and the dearest for several years, was the piano box. This was their headquarters, their playhouse, the center of all their games.” From Betsy-Tacy

Party guests included visitors from Mississippi, Kansas and the twin cities area. KSMQ (, a public broadcasting station from Austin, MN, was there filming for a future broadcast of their program “Off 90”. I’ll keep you posted on when this episode will air.