Announcing threprints of two Lovelace related books!

I’m excited to share the news that Minnesota Heritage Publishing will be reprinting One Stayed at Welcome by Maud and Delos Lovelace and Orange Blossoms Everywhere by the Southern California Chapter of the Betsy-Tacy Society. These books are planned for release this fall.

One Stayed at Welcome was originally published in 1934 by the John Day Company. The following is a synopsis from the original 1934 book cover:​ “As in her previous novels, the days of the western settlers are made vivid by the Lovelaces’ unusual sense of the drama of colonization. One Stayed at Welcome opens with the founding of Welcome by two young men, Larry and Dan, who have made a lasting friendship of the trek from the East. Their little town grows rapidly and within two years many new faces are to be found on the shores of Lake Welcome. Among the varied newcomers is an old school teacher and his daughter Lillie, whom Dan and Larry remember as a little girl playing on the decks of a Mississippi River steamer. Now she is a matured young woman, and before a winter has passed both boys are in love with her. Soon their hidden jealousy flames up in a youthful quarrel and Welcome rocks with the news that Dan and Larry are no longer sharing their joint claim. Their quarrel reaches its climax the night of a great prairie fire, and with it comes a new friendship through mutual self-sacrifice.”

In 1964 Maud wrote “One Stayed at Welcome was written in collaboration with Delos. It deals with two young men who came, one from Vermont and the other from Kentucky, to claim land in Minnesota not long after the Mexican War. They founded a town near Minneapolis and named it Welcome, but due to the demands of the plot, only one stayed there. As was usual in our collaborations, I did the research and Delos did most of the plotting. We shared the writing… amicably, too.”

Orange Blossoms Everywhere is the story of Maud and Delos Lovelace in California, 1953-1980. This book was originally published in booklet form by the Southern California Chapter of the Betsy-Tacy Society (SCCBTS) in 1997. The reprint will be a soft cover book with the same text and new photographs.​

Maud and Delos’s daughter, Merian Lovelace Kirchner, gave permission to the SCCBTS to use selections from the diaries of Maud Hart Lovelace so that more of her life can be shared with others. Although Delos Wheeler Lovelace did not keep journals, stories told by family and friends, as well as Maud’s diaries, bring to life the delightful and intense nature of this complex man. While this book focuses mainly on the Lovelaces’ first few years in California, it also tells the story of the final chapter in Maud and Delos’ life—their retirement years in the lovely tree-lined town of Claremont, California.

​Pre-publication orders are being taken now for One Stayed at Welcome and Orange Blossoms Everywhere  in order to determine the number of books to be printed. Depending upon the number of pre-publication orders, the retail cost per book could increase after the October 1st deadline. You will also save on shipping by ordering both titles shipped to the same address.  Books will be shipped on the expected release date of November 1, 2013. The deadline for pre-publication orders is October 1, 2013. Details for ordering are found on my website: