Baby Maud HartToday we celebrate the 121st birthday of author Maud Hart Lovelace. However, most people may not know that we can also celebrate her birthday on April 26th.

Maud’s birthday was always celebrated on April 25. It was not until she was 50 years old that she learned she was actually born on April 26. She had asked her mother about the hour of her birth, and her mother’s response was “pretty near midnight, in fact it was a little after, but only a teeny bit.” Maud replied, “You mean I was born on the 26th?” Her mother answered, “I suppose so. It was after midnight, a half hour or so.” She went on to tell her the story that Maud’s Uncle Jim Hart had become engaged in April 1892 to a widow named Maud Fowler Maloney while her mother Stella was pregnant. Maud Maloney’s birthday was April 25, and Stella had told her that if her baby was born on the 25th, she would be named Maud. Stella went into labor on the 25th, but the baby wasn’t born before midnight. She explained that “they all liked Aunt Maud so well, I fudged on the date.” All legal records show Maud’s birth date as April 25, 1892. 

Happy Birthday Maud – be it Apri1 25 or April 26th!