WhiteLambCoverMaud Hart Lovelace is Achieving Fame in New York City

(Mankato Free Press, December 10, 1923)

Mankato folks are always glad to know the success of any of its former residents. Not only has this city achieved a reputation in musical circles, but among writers as well.

On a shelf at the public library is a list of books on history, poetry and miscellaneous written by Kato people and former residents and two of her citizens have their names in the “Who’s Who in Minnesota.”

Another former resident, Maud Hart Lovelace of New York, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.W. Hart of Minneapolis, who is visiting her parents at the present time, has proven herself a successful writer of fiction and has had three stories accepted by the Ladies Home Journal, three by the Delineator and one by Harpers, all of which will be published in 1924. The price paid for these stories ran well up into the thousands of dollars. Mr. Lovelace is also a successful writer, having had several stories accepted during the past year and is now at work collecting material for a novel which will be published in 1924. Their many friends here will watch with interest the publication of these stories.

T.W. Hart was formerly in business here, and served two terms as county treasurer.

One of the short stories referred to in the above Free Press article was The Little White Lamb. It was published in the June 1924 issue of The Delineator. This short story is included in the Collected Stories of Maud Hart Lovelace and Delos Lovelace.