“After a year or so, we’ll move out of the apartment and buy a little house –
not at the lake yet…” Joe said.
“And have a baby,” Betsy put it.
“A boy or a girl?”
“Both. The boy first, so he can take her to parties.”
Quote from Betsy’s Wedding by Maud Hart Lovelace

Maud and Delos had been married for six years when they learned that Maud was pregnant with their first child. It was 1924 and the couple was renting a house at 1109 West 25th Street in Minneapolis.

On February 13, 1925 at 3:25 am, Maud delivered a full-term baby boy at Hillcrest Surgical Hospital. According to Maud’s obstetrician, the delivery was easy and the birth was not premature. Maud actually went two weeks beyond the due date the doctor had given her. The baby’s lungs functioned a short three hours before he passed away. In a letter written to her family in 1931, Maud remembered that the baby was “still as a mouse” during the week before his birth.

There was no first name listed on the birth and death certificates for baby boy Lovelace. He was buried in Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis, without a marker. The Lovelace’s would have named their son Thomas after Maud’s father.

In 1930, when Maud received the news that she was pregnant again, she was completing the research for the novel “The Charming Sally”. In a quote from this book, Maud relates the pain she must have felt when she lost her baby Thomas in 1925:

“You don’t know…you don’t know, until you have a baby.
It’s closer to you than your own life is.
It tears your heart out to think of parting with it.”
Quote from The Charming Sally by Maud Hart Lovelace