Delos 1917

Delos Lovelace, 1917

Remembering Delos Wheeler Lovelace who passed away forty-six years ago from a heart attack on January 17, 1967 in Claremont, California. He was 72 years old.

Many Betsy-Tacy fans know Delos Lovelace as the husband of Maud Hart Lovelace. But did you know that Delos had his own extensive career as a talented newspaperman, writer and author?

Delos was born December 2, 1894 in Northern Minnesota. He met Maud Hart in 1915 while working for the Minneapolis Tribune. He was a true newspaperman at heart, working for the New York Daily News, the New York Sun and the New York World Telegram holding positions as reporter, night editor, assistant city editor and city editor, feature writer and syndicated columnist.

When an illness forced him to retire from the newspaper business for a period of time, Delos turned to writing short stories. He became a successful freelance writer, selling stories to all the popular magazines in the 1920s, including the Country Gentlemen, Saturday Evening Post and the Ladies Home Journal.

He returned to newspaper work in 1928 and retired from the profession in 1952. He was the author of two biographies, Rockne of Notre Dame and General Ike Eisenhower; a novel Journey to Bethlehem, and a children’s book, That Dodger Horse. He’s probably best known for his novelization of King Kong in 1932.

Delos and Maud collaborated on many short stories over their nearly 50-year marriage. They co-authored two novels, One Stayed at Welcome and Gentlemen from England and a children’s book, The Golden Wedge.

When Maud wrote Betsy’s Wedding, for the first time she was describing a period during which she had know Delos: “It was so pleasant for me to have Delos really and honestly in the picture. I had always tried, in the earlier books, to have Joe walk and talk and behave like Delos, but as one of my friends said to me about Betsy’s Wedding, Delos walks right off the pages.”

Gone but not forgotten. Rest in peace, Delos.